Anna (29) Riker Emmet


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Sunday, August 27, 1826
New York, NY
Monday, July 25, 1859
New York, NY

Anna (Tom) and Thomas (6) Addis Emmet's second child and first daughter was named after her mother Anna, and given her grandmother's maiden name, Riker. The first of this family, Abraham (abt 1619-1689) came from Holland as a teenager and was granted land by the Dutch authorities in 1638. He became a citizen of New Amsterdam in 1642 and lived on what is now Broad Street, working as a merchant; he later acquired a farm in Astoria. Ten years later, in one of his last official acts, Gov. Peter Stuyvesant gave Abraham the deed to an island in Long Island Sound, now called Rikers Island. This deed was confirmed by the British Governor Nicolls in 1667.

Abraham's son, also named Abraham (1655-1746) inherited his father's land and added to it substantially; he was considered intelligent and capable. In the last years of his life,  he lost his eyesight.  It is said that he was sitting under his pear tree in a comfortable chair on August afternoon when his eyesight suddenly returned. He rushed into his house to look at the grandchildren he had never seen, and to once more see his grown children. When the excitement subsided, he returned to his chair under the pear tree and quietly died, age 91.

The second Abraham left all his land to his fourth son, Andrew (1669-1772) - an unusual gesture at that time. He married a widow, Jane (Berrien) Lawrence and had five children. One son, Abraham died at Valley Forge of exposure, having written home that he had a rock for a pillow and clouds for blankets. Another son, Samuel (1743-1823) served in the Revolution, was a prisoner of the British, and survived to become a member of the NY State Assembly and a congressman in Washington from 1808-1809. Samuel married Anna Lawrence and they had nine children, including Jane Margaret, (1782-1868,) the mother of Anna Riker Tom, who became the wife of Thomas (6) Addis Emmet, Jr.

Anna (29) Riker Emmet died of consumption at the age of 33 while living at 24 University Place, her parent's house in the City. She is buried in the NYC Marble Cemetery in Vault #148 with other members of her family.