John (28) Tom Emmet

, Genealogical ID:
Thursday, May 13, 1824
New York, NY
Sunday, April 26, 1863
Astoria, NY

John (28) Tom Emmet was the first of ten children born to  Anna Riker (Tom) and Thomas (6) Addis Emmet. He was named after Anna's father, John Tom, who died, aged 32, when Anna was less than two years old. John Tom, the son of Benjamin Tom of Flushing, NY, had a marine insurance firm in New York called Hoyt and Tom. When Anna was almost five, her mother, the widow Jane (Riker) Tom, married Dr William James Macneven, a very close friend of Thomas (1) Addis Emmet, a United Irishman and a fellow prisoner with TAE in the Fort George Prison.

John (28) Tom Emmet went to college at UVa in Charlottesville where his uncle, John (5) Patten Emmet was a professor, and then returned to New York. When news of the discovery of gold reached the city, he took a lengthy voyage to San Francisco with 8 of his cousins. Like most of them,  he decided not to stay in the West.  He died at his parent's country house in Astoria, NY at the age of 39. He is buried in Vault #148 in the NYC Marble Cemetery - a vault that his father, Thomas (6) Addis Emmet, bought when the cemetery first opened, not expecting at the time that all but one of his ten children would die before he did and precede him to the graveyard.