MacNeven (31) Emmet

, Genealogical ID:
Saturday, March 15, 1851
Prob. New York, NY
Monday, September 29, 1862
Astoria, NY

MacNeven (31) Emmet, Anna (Tom) and Thomas (6) Addis Emmet's third son, was named after Anna's step-father, William James MacNeven - an Emmet family friend whom Anna's mother, Jane (Riker) Tom had married after the death of John Tom.  MacNeven was born in Ireland at a time when the British would not permit the Irish to have schools or speak their native language.  MacNeven's uncle had fled the country and became a doctor after studying in Europe. He then brought his 11 year old nephew to live with him in Prague, making sure that Macneven received a classical education as well as a medical degree from the University in Vienna.. When the new doctor returned to Dublin in the 1784, he set up a successful practice and soon got involved in politics, becoming one of the twelve founding members of the Dublin branch of the United Irishmen in 1791.

In 1797, MacNeven was sent by the United Irishmen (U.I.) to Hamburg to persuade the French Minister there to provide military and financial support for an uprising; the response was ambiguous and less than enthusiastic.  MacNeven reported back to Dublin, and not long after, in March of 1798, was arrested by the English and sent first to Kilmainham and then to prison in Scotland with TAE (1).  William James MacNeven followed the Emmets to New York City in 1805, again set up a busy medical practice, and became a Professor at the College of Physicians and Surgeons while also taking on the role of an enthusiastic leader of his Irish countrymen.

Unfortunately his namesake was not to follow in his footsteps, as MacNeven Emmet died in Astoria at the age of 31; he is buried in Vault #148 in the NYC Marble Cemetery.