Mary (39) Bache McEvers


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Thursday, May 8, 1828
New York, NY
Saturday, May 26, 1866
124 Fifth Ave., New York, NY

Mary (39) Bache McEvers was Jane (8) Erin Emmet and Bache McEvers' second daughter.  She was born at 36 Broadway in her parent's house on May 8, 1828, not long after her grandfather, Thomas Addis Emmet had died in the fall of 1827.  On May 17, 1849, at Grace Church, when she was 21 years old, she married Edward Cunard, the eldest son of Samuel Cunard, the founder of the shipping line.  Edward, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was twelve years older than Mary; he had been living in New York and running Cunard Line business affairs in the City for almost ten years.

At first the newly weds had a house on Fifth Avenue but it was not long before they moved to Staten Island, where their house overlooked the New York harbor so Edward could watch his ships come and go from the port. Mary had eight children with Edward and died on May 26, 1866 - the day after the birth of her last child, Caroline Margaret Cunard.  Her death certificate says she died of nephritis - kidney failure.

Mary Bache's mother, Jane (8), who had been widowed in 1851, was living with the Cunards on Staten Island when her daughter Mary (39) died. She continued to care for the orphaned children in New York, and later in England where Edward moved the family after the death of their mother. Jane remained there with her grandchildren until her own death in June of 1890, only a few months after  the marriage of Caroline (100) Cunard, the youngest of the Cunard children.

Having inherited his father's title of Baronet on the death of Sir Samuel in 1865, Edward died suddenly of heart disease on April 6, 1869, aged 53, while in New York on one of his frequent trips from England. Only a few days earlier, the US Post Office had awarded the Cunard Line a contract to carry US mail from New York to Liverpool.  Edward's funeral was well covered by the press. After the service at Grace Church, a large procession of family and friends went down Broadway to Trinity Church, where the coffin was placed in the McEvers family vault next to Mary's. It was noted that many Emmet relatives were in attendance: Thomas Addis Jr, William and Temple Emmet, various McEvers and Whitlocks, Benjamin Field, William Astor and William Aspinwall.