Robert (13) Emmet


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Thursday, September 30, 1819
New York, NY
Friday, August 19, 1870
New Rochelle, NY

Robert (13) Emmet, Rosina (Hubley) and Robert (2) Emmet's second son, was born in New York City in September of 1819 while his parents were living with his grandparents, Jane and Thomas (1) Addis Emmet (TAE). Called Bob by his parents, he was described by his father when barely two years old as "looking like an Irish haymaker in miniature, jolly, good tempered and impudent but without any great portion of worldly wisdom except in obedience to nature's immediate calls."  On finding one of his uncle Temple's tobacco quids on the stoop, he pointed to it with "much disgust and said 'Papa, Temple do.' " 

Bob went to school in the city and chose to go into business rather than become a lawyer like his father and grandfather. He married at the age of 28 to a daughter of Elizabeth (Bay) and Augustus James - a son of William James of Albany - the first of several unions between the Emmet and James families. William James, the progenitor, was a friend and client of TAE's (1), so the marriage between Catherine Elizabeth James and Bob (13) Emmet was greeted with great jubilation by all. An enormous and festive wedding was held over the weekend of August 10, 1848 in Rhinebeck, NY on the banks of the Hudson River where both Augustus James and William (11) Colville Emmet, TAE's (1) youngest son, had large houses - a wedding described in detail by both Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet (25) in his memoir "Incidents of My Life," and by Henry James, who was a 7 year old at the time, in "A Small Boy and Others.".

Catharine was born in Albany, NY on Aug. 1, 1828 and married when she was 19. Henry James describes her as "an animated and attractive bride, whose fair hair framed her pointed smile in full, and far-drooping 'front' curls."  The couple, while living with Bob's parents on Waverly Place in New York, had three sons - the first two coming barely a year apart. When the youngest, Edward (54) Graves Emmet (named after Mary Anne (10) Emmet's husband) was only five, Catharine died, age 29, on April 4, 1858  at 90 West 22nd St. in New York of "congestion of the brain."  She was buried in the Emmet vault (#148) at the NYC Marble Cemetery on east 2nd Street, which had been purchased by Bob's  uncle Thomas (6) Emmet when the cemetery first opened in 1832.

Robert (13) Emmet was left a widower with three young children. His two older boys died relatively young without ever starting families; the youngest, Edward, headed out to California and never returned home. Bob moved to New Rochelle and died there when he was fifty.  Without making a discernible mark on his family or his world, I can't find a trace of him in the public record, so it's easy to think that perhaps his life was not a happy one.








Wednesday, August 16, 1848
"Linwood," Rhinebeck, NY