Walter (49) Emmet

, Genealogical ID:
Wednesday, September 1, 1847
Prob. New York, NY
Friday, September 27, 1872
Hong Kong, China

Walter was the 8th son born to Thomas Addis Emmet's youngest, William Colville Emmet and wife Laura Magdelena Coster. Walter was probably born in New York City, as were most of his siblings. We have no records regarding Walter except for his date of birth - Sept. 1, 1847 and his death in Hong Kong on Sept. 27, 1872 soon after he turned 25 of "a sudden illness." His death was recorded in the local New York newspaper and that's about the extent of what we know of him unfortunately.  He may have joined the navy to see the world or he may have been a passenger; given the brevity of his life, there is no mention of him in the Emmet literature other then information about his birth and death.