William (52) Augustus Emmet

, Genealogical ID:
Saturday, November 24, 1849
10 Waverly Place, New York, NY
Wednesday, January 13, 1897
White Plains, NY

William (52) Augustus Emmet was the eldest son of Catherine Elizabeth James and Robert (13) Emmet. His mother, who died at the age of 29, was the daughter of Augustus James, an older brother of Henry James Sr., making Kitty, as she was called, a first cousin of the writers, William and Henry James. Born in New York at 10 Waverly Place on Nov 24, 1879, William and his two younger brothers were raised in the City in the midst of the large and boisterous Emmet and James clans.  Three James women married three Emmet men, two of them brothers;  the progenitors of the two families - William James and TAE - were friends, so these alliances were greeted with delight on all sides.

William does not appear to have gone to university and no record of his employment can be found other than what is included in the following news clip. The Brooklyn Eagle published a short paragraph on Feb. 7, 1896, under the headline "Descendant of Robert Emmet." "William A Emmet, 48 years old, who is said to be a great grand nephew of Robert Emmet, the Irish patriot, was committed in the Harlem Court, New York, this morning to Bellevue Hospital for examination as to his sanity.  Emmet was arrested last night while standing in the middle of the street and attempting to make a speech.  He was under the influence of liquor.  Emmet was employed for nine years as a civil engineer by Crinnars Bros. and later as an inspector of repaving by the Broadway cable road."

He died less than a year later on the 13th of January, 1897 at "Bloomingdale," according to his death certificate, which is outside the city in an area now part of White Plains, NY.